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Price Increase 2021 Show
From March 15th onwards the gross list prices indicated within our Configuration Software, Kelvion Select RT, for our European product ranges are being increased by 3%.
We are very glad that we managed to go without any price increase for two years thanks to continued efforts in efficiency and design excellence. However, we now find ourselves with no decision but to apply this price adjustment, which has become necessary in order to continue to provide best quality and service.
Nevertheless, you can be assured that all contractually regulated deadlines will be maintained.
We thank you for your continued partnership with Kelvion for your heat exchange requirements. We take great pride in being customer driven and trust this is reflected in our service and are looking forward to many more interesting projects with you in the future.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or your local sales representative.
New Products CBF/CSF

With the new CBF/CSF range in the lineup you are well prepared for operating pressures up to 90 bar. The CBF is the blow through version as the CSF is the draw-through variant. All coils are optimized for natural refrigerants like R744 (CO2) and R290 (Propane) and make it a perfect choice for cooling and freezing applications. A new fin tube pattern design offers a low refrigerant charge, thanks to the low internal volume and various options and accessories allow easy customization. The range consists of 16 models out of a capacity range from 7 to 35,7 kW [SC2, CO2]. On request we are able to offer alternative models with up to 90 bar configurations, so the perfect choice for every application can always be found.
New Products CDK/CDL

The latest addition to the Kelvion customized air cooler family is now available on Kelvion Select RT. CDK/CDL, the new dual discharge cooler range, with optimized fan speed, is the perfect solution for providing reliable climate control for instance in food preparation areas, such as Dairies, slaughterhouses, deep freeze warehouses as well as the many large production and work areas that need to be kept at a constant low temperature. The CDK/CDL discharges air on both sides of the unit, which is designed to fit flush to the ceiling. This ensures a maximum amount of space available for keeping products cool.
Both versions can be used for temperatures ranging from –40 °C to +40 °C and are suitable for synthetic and natural refrigerants. The CDK model has a capacity range from 7.3 kW up to 145 kW (for SC2), while the CDL version, with stainless steel tubes, offers a range from 8.9 kW to 154 kW.
A comprehensive range of options allow for a high level of customization.
Adiabatic systems
Since June 2nd our new Kelvion Select RT software is available for all users. This new selection tool has been optimized according to Kelvion’s thermodynamic calculation to perform live calculations at required conditions configuring the best possible solution for your application.
It is our continuous focus to constantly update this new software with more products, features and options.
Hence, from now on our condenser, dry cooler and gas cooler products can be selected as an adiabatic component. Both our efficient spray and pad systems are available for your selection.
You are welcome to contact your Kelvion sales manager, in case you have questions or need further assistance.
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